disgusting. (in a good way)

1 05 2009

As the dress gets shorter…
The sleeves get longer.

Meet the Long Sleeved Mini Dress. Celebrities such as Camilla Belle, Jennifer Lopez and Ashlee Simpson, are popping up with this sexy number. 


This sequined mini would be a perfect look for a night out on the town. A cropped leather bomber would complete the look, with some sky high pumps.

Another great, more versatile option, is the black mini long sleeve dress. I love how you could have so many different accessory options with this one.  I wouldn’t recommend it for  daytime look, but as a more subdued night option, it would be a great choice.  With a pair of open toed bootie pumps, and some eye catching accessories you’ll look disgusting, of course…. in a good way.


…back to my reality.


Jump into it.

30 04 2009

How perfectly simplistic  the Jumpsuit is.. I just can’t get over just how chic it is.

Look at it! Go on, love it, Girl. It’s Disgusting ( in a good way).

Paul & Joe Sister Noisette Bandeau Jumpsuit  is available on Net-a-porter.com for 210.00$.  Would be perfect with a black blazer, and these lovely little things..


Givenchy’s Wedge Leather Sandals  also available on Net-a-Porter.com I love the side fastening ankle strap, and the front elastic panels transform the shoe, making it look edgy. They’ll make a dent in your bank account retailing at 795.00$.


..Back to my reality.


“im sick…”

29 04 2009

OK so, I have way to many loves in life, I feel as if I’m I’m cheating on my boyfriend.

Spring is officially here, and I must say, I’m completely lovesick with the designs this season. Let me tell you about a few that I almost died when I saw them…

This Drop-Waist Ruffle Dress by Eryn Brinié is disgustingly beautiful. The detailing in the belting and the ruffle is exquisite, and oh so perfect for Vancouver spring. I adore its girlishness, and soft touches. It has such a raw-feel to it, lovely, subtle-chic. It retails for only 200.00$(us), which in my opinion, is a complete steal.

I know what most of you are thinking.. MC HAMMER pants? Maybe, but just hear me out, and possibly you’ll fall in love with them as much as I have..
These Oyster Harem Pants by Topshop  are soooo cute! the earth tone color of the pant makes it very versatile to dress up or down. I prefer a white tank, with a pair of studded wedge sandals, a large necklace to act as a statement piece, and a clutch bag. Mmmm perfection. Pants retail for a cheap 65.00$ (us).


Diane von Furstenburg is one of my most coveted designers, and this chiffon tunic is a prime example of why I love her oh-so much. A major spring trend is the watercolor print; which I’m going to be honest, wasn’t a fan of prior to feasting my eyes on this beauty. I love how its not an all-over print, but just gradually becomes more visible throughout the length. It goes perfect with a pair of shorts, or even you favorite pair of skinnies. The Soliel Chiffon Tunic Top retails for a cool 400.00$


And finally, what kind of fashion post could possibly go without a pair of beloved shoes… Oh shoes.. You make me swoon…


Oh MY GOD. I Died. 
Donnatella, You have answered my prayers with these Versace Embellished Cut-Out Heels…I am completely awestruck. Too bad 1447.00$ is a tad over my budget…maybe I could pool my savings? My child’s Education fund? No… I guess I will just have to walk away from this dream… oh damn, they are just so lust-worthy. 

PS. If anyone has these shoes, and are reading this.. please message me and tell me just how amazing they are..


..Back to my reality.


a little introduction…

28 04 2009

I feel as if I’m starting Kindergarten again, minus the uniform, and entering a world where I know I’m smart enough to succeed, but just may not fit in.  With blogs popping up all over the place, I have few that I read religiously, and others that just dont make the cut. Well, I hope to become a part of your blog routine and keep you up to date on All Things Unattainable…