It’s cool when it rains.. but it’s better when it Hails.

This is me. A born&bred Vancouverite.  I have a weak spot for Cactus Club’s Raincoast Greens Salad (hold the egg, extra pecans), and Caramel Frappachino’s (no whip, please) from Starbucks. I love to say that I adore fine dining and fancy restaurants, but in reality, my budget works best with macaroni and cheese and some take out Chinese food from the old man down the street. Secretly, I wish I had brown eyes, even when I’m told that my baby blues are my best feature. I’m quite terrified of ‘porta-potties’. And will have a coronary if a clown comes within a 2 mile radius. I’m fashion obsessed, and lover of all things chic. Living on  limited funds, but have a passion for the finer things life has to offer. Attends new and hot clubs, trendy restaurants, and a listener of all music; new, old and unknown. Can kick back with the boys and watch the NFL, and Flirt with the bouncers to get me into an event, (Shhh. don’t tell my boyfriend)


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