“im sick…”

29 04 2009

OK so, I have way to many loves in life, I feel as if I’m I’m cheating on my boyfriend.

Spring is officially here, and I must say, I’m completely lovesick with the designs this season. Let me tell you about a few that I almost died when I saw them…

This Drop-Waist Ruffle Dress by Eryn Brinié is disgustingly beautiful. The detailing in the belting and the ruffle is exquisite, and oh so perfect for Vancouver spring. I adore its girlishness, and soft touches. It has such a raw-feel to it, lovely, subtle-chic. It retails for only 200.00$(us), which in my opinion, is a complete steal.

I know what most of you are thinking.. MC HAMMER pants? Maybe, but just hear me out, and possibly you’ll fall in love with them as much as I have..
These Oyster Harem Pants by Topshop  are soooo cute! the earth tone color of the pant makes it very versatile to dress up or down. I prefer a white tank, with a pair of studded wedge sandals, a large necklace to act as a statement piece, and a clutch bag. Mmmm perfection. Pants retail for a cheap 65.00$ (us).


Diane von Furstenburg is one of my most coveted designers, and this chiffon tunic is a prime example of why I love her oh-so much. A major spring trend is the watercolor print; which I’m going to be honest, wasn’t a fan of prior to feasting my eyes on this beauty. I love how its not an all-over print, but just gradually becomes more visible throughout the length. It goes perfect with a pair of shorts, or even you favorite pair of skinnies. The Soliel Chiffon Tunic Top retails for a cool 400.00$


And finally, what kind of fashion post could possibly go without a pair of beloved shoes… Oh shoes.. You make me swoon…


Oh MY GOD. I Died. 
Donnatella, You have answered my prayers with these Versace Embellished Cut-Out Heels…I am completely awestruck. Too bad 1447.00$ is a tad over my budget…maybe I could pool my savings? My child’s Education fund? No… I guess I will just have to walk away from this dream… oh damn, they are just so lust-worthy. 

PS. If anyone has these shoes, and are reading this.. please message me and tell me just how amazing they are..


..Back to my reality.





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